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Oblivious Attraction, Yet I've Caught You Staring

Challenge 41

A new challenge, yay! There are 6 images to play around with, and for this challenge there will be 2 parts. 1st part is the regular challenge of making icons and the 2nd part is to make an info banner for i_james. Yup, we need a new info banner, so I hope you all can help me with that. :) Please make sure to read the rules and here are some more for this challenge:

- brushes, textures, text, blend etc. are allowed, animation is not
- for both parts, only use the images provided
- images can be used more than once
- in part one:
- you can submit up to FOUR (4) icons
- in part two:
- your banner(s) must have a width of 500px with a height no less than 220px
- "James McAvoy Stillness" must be somewhere on your banner
- you can submit up to TWO (2) banners

- deadline is Saturday, Nov. 8 22 @ 6PM EDT. My time.

Please submit your entries in a comment to this post with both the image and url. If you have any questions don't be afraid to ask them. Have fun and be creative! :)

Images (click each for the original):


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