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i_james's Journal

James McAvoy Stillness
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an icontest community focused on James McAvoy
Welcome to i_james, a stillness community dedicated to the talented actor James McAvoy! Each week pictures will be provided - from public appearances to photoshoots to screencaps - or a theme will be chosen, and members will be able to enter up to four icons (unless otherwise specified). Voting will then decide the top three for that week. If there are enough entries other categories (such as best crop, best coloring, most original) will also be voted for. A Mod's Choice will be chosen as well. With your help, I hope this community will be fun and creative!

- You have to join the community in order to enter challenges.
- Your icon entries cannot be animated.
- Icon(s) submitted must adhere to LJ standards: 100x100px, 40kb, .jpg, .png, or .gif format.
- All the entries must be new and created for the challenge.
- All the entries must remain anonymous until the end of voting. This means that you cannot post or use your entries anywhere else until winners are announced.
- Submit entries by commenting to the challenge post. Comments will be screened so the only people who will see your entry before voting are you and me.
- Extra rules and restrictions may be added in the challenge post, so be sure to read the entire post.
- Please submit icons with the img src code, as well as the url. For example:


- You do not have to be a member to vote.
- Anonymous votes will not be accepted.
- Do not vote for yourself or solicit votes from anyone else.
- If you entered in a challenge you are not required to vote, but it is really helpful if you do. :)
- Vote fairly.

i_james was created by zenni and previously maintained by goodbye_anymore. Your current mod is lovelei. *waves* Hi! :)
I'd like to give participants seven days from when the challenge is posted to get there icons in, and then voting will last two days. So it'll look like this:

Challenge posted Saturday.
Reminder for challenge posted Tuesday.
Icons due the following Saturday.
Voting will last for two days.
Winners announced Monday/Tuesday.

Have ideas for future challenges, post them here.

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